Introspective Musings from a Procrastinating Perfectionist

People say that opinions are like . . . , well, you know the rest. Sure, everyone has one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn something from each other. Just imagine the wisdom (or hot air) that can emanate from a procrastinating perfectionist who is also introspective.

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©Introspective Pics

You have your views, you’ve had them all your life, and you don’t have to change them. All you have to do is grab a cup of coffee or other beverage, sit, relax, read, and leave a comment (but remember, the Golden Rule here is: It’s not cruel to be kind).

Two-Cent Hyperbole seeks to add another voice to the already saturated Web, but this voice will not shout. Instead, this voice will murmur sweet nothings in your ear. Now, who doesn’t like a dose of sweet nothings now and then?

What you read is what you get. No bloviating, just blithe supposition frosted with a bit of levity. Enjoy.

I’m a procrastinating perfectionist who is also introspective. I’m an avid photographer, ’70s music junkie, and writer. My writings cover a hodgepodge of topics from the hot-button issues and cracker-barrel philosophy of today’s coffee culture to the Gordian knot on the secular view of faith and religion.

Photo Credit: ©Deb Wax, Introspective Pics—All Rights Reserved


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