A Procrastinating Perfectionist Who Is Also Introspective

“A penny for your thoughts.”— Make that proposition to me, and you’d better be ready to hand over a boatload of pennies. Like many folks, I’ll give you my “two cents,” but only if you ask.

I’m a procrastinating perfectionist who is also introspective. I’m an avid photographer, ’70s music junkie, and writer. My writings cover a hodgepodge of topics from the hot-button issues and cracker-barrel philosophy of today’s coffee culture to the Gordian Knot on the secular view of faith and religion.

I am an introspective person, and my brain is continuously working—contemplating, analyzing, creating, reminiscing, etcetera; it’s my “brainwork.” My inner speech is constantly chattering at full speed, deliberating the information of my self-inflicted internal audits. Luckily, when the volume cranks up I crank up the volume of my favorite ear candy music of the ’70s. . . . Did I also mention that I’m a procrastinating . . . ?

I’d like to say that being introspective means I’m quick witted because I’ve thought so much about life, but nope. Just the opposite; I suffer from a case of “after-wit,” and so I write. As a writer, I can take the time to play with words and phrases to create an interesting and sometimes witty blurb. Writing affords me the luxury to indulge in a bit of à coups de dictionnaire, so as to appear that I have the cerebral skill of quick wit.

I prefer writing to verbal communication, and if I could make a living doing anything, I’d be an “answer-jobber” (person who earns a living by writing answers), or photographer, or both. I envision a column much like “Dear Abby,” where I’d respond to relationship questions with anecdotal evidence about romance—“From the euphoria of Cloud Nine to the gall of breakup bitterness,” would be my tagline. Unlike Abby, I’d include personal photographs from my collection at “Introspective Pics” to add a visual component to the written verbosity.

For now, my intellectual property is an open house, and I invite everyone, from the coffee culture type to the couch potato with a cup-holder cuisine habit, to browse this ball of wax. But remember, when leaving a comment, it’s not cruel to be kind.

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A penny for your thoughts. . . .

“You refuse to trust your own intelligence. You’re confusing education with schooling. Education is the acquisition of knowledge. The definition of knowledge is knowing, familiarity gained by experience. Wisdom is defined as the possession of experience and knowledge. Being experienced, you, therefore, have education, you have knowledge, and you have wisdom.—You’re brilliant!” —Quote from the 1958 movie “Teacher’s Pet” starring Clark Gable and Doris Day